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acer thriver mini xv, compare to callaway bertha mini 1.5 driver

The Acer XV Thriver Mini is a special shallow faced control club off a short tee as well as a club to use in the fairway when you need the maximum distance to reach a par 5 or long par 4. This all-titanium clubhead has a very large footprint at address making this much more forgiving than a typical #3 wood. If it were the height of a modern driver, then the volume would comparable to a 380 cc driver telling you just how forgiving it is. Plus being all-titanium, there are two performance advantages. As titanium is very light, a very high concentration of weight was placed on the sole for more height than the loft would indicate. Finally, we chose titanium for the thin, active face to give you more distance. The Thriver Mini also features a Power Chamber and Gravity Port.

Built with the Swing Science HEX 360 high performance wood shaft. Using a 360 degree hexagon sheet wrapping process, our engineers were able to create a highly uniform wall structure for added consistency. In addition, the HEX 360 has a reinforced butt section using a filament winding braiding technique which adds strength and stability under the hands reducing shaft deformation during the down swing. The result is a highly responsive wood shaft that lends itself to both feel and control.

You can find the Thriver all over the web for around 99 bucks with a cheap shaft in it. You won't find it anywhere but here with the High Performance Swing Science Hex Shaft.

RH 13 degree. 44.5". Regular or Stiff Flex. $159.99. >>>>Click here to purchase.<<<<

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